Thanksgiving Party Favors That Your Guests Will Actually Want

Its Thanksgiving time and what a better way to celebrate than with the gift of giving! Party favors are the perfect solution to show your friends and family appreciation, without breaking the bank.

Maybe you need them for your workplace, an event, or family dinner, regardless of the reason we have a solution for you! We’ve found 13 elegant thanksgiving themed favors that remind you of the smells and tastes of autumn.

Indian Corn Thanksgiving Favors

To start off our list, we picked a super easy party favor that can be put together in a matter of minutes. These Indian Corn Thanksgiving favors from Shaken Together are sophisticated enough for adults, but would be a hit with kids too. The project requires minimal supplies including M&Ms, plastic bags, Kraft paper, and twine.

Source: Shakentogetherlife.com

Apple Cider Party Favor

This next recipe is almost like cheating……but in the best way! Savory Nothings created an Apple Cider Recipe using store-bought apple cider and making it 10x times better. So technically it’s a homemade cider minus having to peel a thousand apples, and doesn’t that sound so much better? We think so too! Using only a slow cooker and a few simple ingredients, you can have a delicious apple cider mix that you can bottle as mini party favors for your guests.

Source: Savorynothings.com

We also found this set of 6 clear glass bottles on Amazon that you can use to package the cider.

Pumpkin Spice Party Favor

When I think of Autumn I am reminded of apples, pumpkin, cinnamon, spice, and everything nice! But really Autumn food has the best combination of warm flavors, that just heat you up on the inside. And nothing screams Autumn more than Pumpkin Spice. You see it everywhere at the beginning of fall, pumpkin spiced lattes, donuts, muffins, and more. So why not package that some of that spice and use it as your party favors!! Curry Trail has a simple, easy recipe that would take minutes to create. Bottle it, add some burlap and twine to create a party favor your guest will love.

Source: Currytrail.com

Apple Cinnamon Soap Party Favor

For those of you who would prefer not to give food, we found a recipe for homemade Apple Cinnamon Soap infused with oatmeal from the Beauty Crafter. The next best thing to eating anything apple cinnamon, is to smell like it. Just looking at the bar of soap makes me imagine the delicious scent. Get small clear bags, tie them with twine, and stick one of these adorable labels on it for a rustic thanksgiving favor.

………..Oh and don’t forget to add some cinnamon sticks.

Source: beautycrafter.com

Autumn Candy Apple Favors

Continuing with the apple theme we have some Autumn Candy Apples from The Yummy Life. Now candy apples have been around for a while and although they are delicious the basic recipe is nothing special. Not these candy apple though, The Yummy Life takes candy apples to the next level! Seriously. Chocolate, nuts, M&M’s, marshmallows, you name it she’s done it. They almost look too good to eat……almost! If you feel you’re up to the challenge, these party favors would impress anyone.

Source: theyummylife.com

S’more Party Pack Favors

The next one is a popular wedding favor and perfect for a rustic thanksgiving theme. Emmaline Bride created this adorable yet simple S’more Party Packs. You just need graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, small clear bags, and these super cute stickers.

Source: emmalinebride.com

Apple Butter Party Favor

Rich, creamy and smooth like caramel, Apple Butter is the epitome of Autumn. Spicy and warm from the combination of nutmeg and cinnamon its a perfect Thanksgiving day gift. The recipe from A Baker’s House makes it simple to create this delicious dish. Armed with a slow cooker, apples, and some spice in a few hours you’ll have a pot full of flavorful apple butter.

Source: abakershouse.com

Homemade Potpourri Party Favors

If you want a Thanksgiving favor that is as beautiful as it smells then you will love the Homemade Potpourri recipe from Boxwood Avenue. A combination of dehydrated fruits, cinnamon, cloves, spices, and rosemary make an all-natural gift for your guests.

Source: boxwoodavenue.com

Pumpkin Spiced Latte Macaron Favors

If you still haven’t found a party favor you like, don’t worry because macaroons are here to save the day! These fancy little cookies are popular gifts because they are delicious and adaptable. They can take on almost any color or flavor as with these macaroons from Goodie Grandmother. Nothing says Thanksgiving more than a Pumpkin Spiced Latte Macaron.

Source: goodiegrandmother.com

Cinnamon Sugar Hand Scrub Favor

And last but not least, is a Cinnamon Sugar Hand Scrub from DIY Candy. According to the website there are no required skills needed to make this recipe. Perfect for those of you who are looking for a quick project that looks like it took hours to make!

Source: diycandy.com

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